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The Agency That Lives and Breathes Wedding Bands

We're not your ordinary entertainment agency! Say "I do" to Wedding Bands, the specialised wedding band agency that's committed to connecting you to your dream wedding band directly.
At Wedding Bands, we live and breathe weddings! We believe in putting you in direct contact with the perfect wedding band. Here, you bypass the traditional agency model, avoiding extra costs and the limitations of commission-driven choices. With us, you have the freedom to select a band that aligns perfectly with your style and vision for your wedding.

With Wedding Bands, the power of choice is in your hands. Choose your band directly, bypassing traditional agency constraints. This means finding a band that not only suits your style and vision but also one that resonates with your personal taste, free from commission-driven influences.

Booking through Wedding Bands means significant savings without sacrificing quality. By cutting out agency fees and reducing up to 25% in markups, you can invest more in creating those special moments that make your wedding truly yours.

We believe in transparent and direct communication. This approach allows you to personally connect and negotiate with your selected band, ensuring that every detail of their performance is in harmony with your wedding's unique flair.

At Wedding Bands, our mission is to simplify your wedding planning. By providing a platform for direct band bookings, we offer a stress-free, transparent process. This means you get to focus on the joy of your big day, confident that the music will be exactly as you envisioned.
We're not your average entertainment agency! The UK's Wedding Bands agency!