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Are you in a wedding band?
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Join the Wedding Bands movement and serenade directly to brides, grooms, and event planners seeking the best live music for weddings across the UK. With us, it's all about pure melody and perfect harmony – no middleman, just your music and a captive audience.

We set the stage. You captivate the crowd.

Wave goodbye to agency fees and hello to Wedding Bands! In the heart of the UK's wedding scene, Wedding Bands stands as a revolutionary platform. We transparently connect wedding bands with brides and grooms looking for the very best for their big day.

We're dismantling the barriers between you and your future fans. No gatekeepers, no excessive commissions – just your band and an audience eager to be swept away by your music. We champion direct engagement, where the best connections are made through shared love for music, not through intermediaries.

Direct bookings based on your band, not commission charts.

Securing gigs should be about your band's unique style and sound, not tangled in the strings of agency agendas where your musical identity can be muted by commissions and third-party influences.

With us, you connect directly with a network of wedding planners, engaged couples, and event organisers, all without the distortion of an intermediary.

Wedding Bands is about amplifying your presence, making sure your band stands out in the vibrant wedding industry. Here, you're not just another band – you're the crescendo of the event.

With Wedding Bands, transparency is our melody – what you see is what you play, and what you earn is entirely yours. Our straightforward approach lets you retain more of your earnings, while couples benefit from direct savings, which can help their entertainment budget stretch to make their wedding dream a reality.

Your gig is just around the corner!

Wedding Bands invites you to take the lead, where the industry's shift towards transparency and direct connections is now your stage. Join Wedding Bands today, and let's orchestrate the future of live wedding entertainment together – where the melody is always sweet, and your next performance is just a song away.

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