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Get ready for a neon carnival with this wedding band's glow-in-dark instruments

Cali Collective are ready to bring a UV neon party to your wedding! Known for their electrifying performances and vibrant energy, they turn every wedding into an unforgettable neon carnival. With glow-in-the-dark instruments and a sensational musical style, Cali Collective is the perfect choice for a wedding that dazzles and delights.
Get ready for a neon carnival with this wedding band's glow-in-dark instruments

Cali Collective



From £4,295


London, UK




DJ party band

Cali Collective offers a DJ live experience with no musical limits, ensuring your wedding dance floor stays lively from start to finish! Pop, rock, electronic, indie, house, soul and wedding favourites, you name it! All performed on glow-in-the-dark-instruments!
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Band Size

2 - 12

Ready to Turn Your Wedding Night into a UV Glow Extravaganza?

Cali Collective is a neon spectacle that will mesmerise your guests from the moment they take the stage. With their vibrant, glow-in-the-dark UV instruments and electrifying presence, this musical group turns your wedding into an all lit up neon carnival.
Cali Collective delivers a unique DJ-led live experience, showcasing versatile line-ups from DJ with sax to a full ensemble including DJ, sax, bongo, and more. Each performance features world-class musicians adept at their instruments that glow with vibrant UV colors, adding a visual spectacle to their sound.

The artists behind Cali Collective are top-tier, having shared stages with music legends and bringing a wealth of experience to every note they play. Their interactive performances are not only about the music but about creating an atmosphere that’s both visually stunning and audibly captivating.

What truly sets Cali Collective apart is their dynamic energy that electrifies the air, promising not just to entertain but to engage every guest in a collective celebration of love and joy. From the opening act to the final encore, they guarantee a dance floor that's never empty and memories that glow as brightly as their neon instruments.

If you're looking for a wedding experience that stands out, Cali Collective is your answer. With their unique neon setup, exceptional musical talent, and infectious energy, they're not just a band—they're a highlight that will make your wedding the most talked-about event of the year.

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  • Set Lists & Repertoire
  • The setlist is tailored to your musical tastes. While our showband has a core repertoire, our DJ Live setup offers flexibility, adapting to the vibe of the room. With DJ Live, there are no limits to the music we can play, opening up a world of possibilities for your event. Our primary goal is to deliver a high-energy performance that's engaging and fun, inviting everyone to join in on the dance floor.
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    The Neon Spectacle Captivating Weddings Worldwide

    Based in London, Cali Collective is a UK-based neon party band making waves internationally with their dynamic performances and standout style. Boasting an impressive roster of global appearances, they've lit up weddings in spectacular destinations like Cancun, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, Dubai, Monte Carlo, and Sydney, just to highlight a few.

    Wherever your wedding may be, Cali Collective is prepared to electrify your celebration, guaranteeing a memorable experience that shines as brightly as your special day.
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